Developers Claim There Will Not be Any New Console Generations After This One
Nov 14th, 2013|PS4

With the latest generation of consoles launching this month, gamers are eager to play the next generation of games with state of the art graphics and high performance computer processing. What they don’t realize is, this is as good as it gets.

“To put it frankly, we’ve reached our peak.” said Sony's hardware specialist Sven Schvinkelson. “It’s not physically possible to create a more advanced chipset than what’s currently implemented in our systems. There’s a specific size a chip circuit can be before it can no longer become functional, and we’ve reached our limit.”

But that’s Sony’s side, so we hoped Microsoft had brighter news, but unfortunately, theirs was just as grim.

“We had to let go the entire Research and Development team.” said Microsoft’s Lead Engineer Harvey Winklerburg. “There’s simply no point to continue developing cutting edge technology. It’s all been figured out. We’re done here. ”

Since Nintendo is transitioning into becoming a third party developer, we haven’t bothered contacting them.

So I hope you guys enjoy your Xbox Ones and PS4s, because that’s about it. Forever.

When asked for comment, Activision shrugged.

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