Microsoft Announces a Peripheral that Will Allow for Backwards

Microsoft Announces a Peripheral that Will Allow for Backwards Compatibility

May 26th, 2013

Following the outcry of customers over Xbox’s Don Mattrick’s comment regarding backwards compatibility, Microsoft announced today that the Xbox One will in fact be receiving a peripheral that will give it backwards compatibility.

He was quoted earlier this week while talking with the Wall Street Journal by saying: “If you’re backwards compatible, you’re really backwards.”

When confronted, Don spoke of regret over his comments.

“I felt really bad saying that," he explained "After I realized that people who still watch live TV were in fact backwards and not keeping up with the times, I surely couldn't not let them have their outdated vision. So we added a peripheral that allows players to reach back and play their old games.”

Microsoft has not given a release date, but stated it will be released ‘soon’, and be priced at $299, which they claim is cheaper than adding the hardware directly to the Xbox One.

“We’re working on the size issue, but it’s not a priority,” Spoke one hardware designer, “Given we made the X1 the size of a small yacht, we weren't too worried of this peripheral’s initial size. I mean everyone still has those rear projection TVs right? [There's] tons of room up top."

When reached for comment, EA required a $15 online pass.